What do I need to do before my first float?

NOTHING. Just bring yourself! When you come to Phloat, we take care of everything!

Some friendly reminders include, wearing comfortable clothing. Upon exiting the tank, you may feel so relaxed that the last thing you want to do is put on restrictive clothing. We encourage you to arrive in anything that will help you stay cozy. Also, we do not recommend shaving 24 hours before your session. The recently irritated areas can be sensitive to the salt. We also recommend a light meal before floating. The last thing you want is to have a rumble stomach for 60 minutes. Additionally, we suggest you use our restroom facilities provided before entering the tank.

What do I do once inside my own room?

1. Shower

We recommend everyone rinses off completely before entering the tanks. This prevents makeup, body and hair oils from mixing in the salt water. You must wash your hair,   swimming caps do not work for floating. 

2. Float

There are many ways to relax within your own tank. While we want you to choose your experience, we do provide suggestions for those who need it. Some options to help you get comfortable include: meditation, imagining yourself in your happy place, or even napping. If you want visuals to mediate upon, many websites offer examples.

3. Shower again to rinse off the salt and slowly bring you out of your meditative experience

We offer amenities in every flotation room. Scrubbing salt off your body can be challenging, therefore you can find Shampoo, Conditioner, and Shower Gel in every shower. Don’t let your skin dry out- lotions are provided in every room as well. For those colder days, you can find a hair dryer in your room as well. We do not provide deodorant, hair brushes, or other necessities. Although you are more than welcome to bring whatever you may need after your session.

How sanitary are flotation tanks?

Following every flotation session, the tanks are treated with Ozone / H202 and filtered 3 full cycles.  In addition, the showers are disinfected and amenities refilled. New earplugs and towels are provided for every customer. After closing every night, each room is more thoroughly scrubbed.

What should I do after floating?

First and foremost we recommend you stay hydrated. Bring a bottle of water with you to drink after. Alternatively, a cup of tea post-floating can help you stay relaxed. Customers post float experiences can vary. Immediately after, many feel dazed and continue to feel at peace for up to a few days. Some people go out for a large meal after floating. Some experience vivid dreams that night, often recalling deep sleeps. Some find that their stress habits diminished after floating. What you get out of it is completely up to you.

How long should I wait in between sessions?

This is really up to you and how comfortable you feel. For first timers, we recommend coming back in as soon as possible. Sometimes your first time in a tank can be difficult. It is a new environment that you have not experienced previously. Getting comfortable can take time and you may find yourself struggling the first time. But once you are acquainted, you sink into this middle area of rest. Most people achieve this in their second session.

More Policies and Procedures

We want you to have an amazing and safe experience with us at Phloat and request that you be aware of and agree to the following information and rules:

Facilities: Amenities provided include  towel, ear plugs, shampoo/body wash, and shower. It is up to each individual to take caution to prevent slipping or falling as floor surfaces may be wet. The facility is cleaned between each session. Additionally, the tank is filtered between each session in accordance with the flotation tank community standards.



I will NOT use the flotation tank if:

  • I have not showered thoroughly and still have oils, creams, or makeup on my body.
  • I have not washed my hair in our showers directly before the float.
  • I have had any type of hair color/treatment within the past two weeks.
  • I have a communicable or infectious skin condition, disorder, or diseases.
  • I have open sores.
  • I am diabetic, unless my diabetes is under medical control.
  • I have a history of heart trouble, epilepsy, seizures or blackouts and have not received my doctor’s permission to use the flotation tank.
  • I am experiencing a heavy menstrual period
  • I have a condition which may be adversely affected by cutaneous absorption of magnesium.
  • I have kidney disease.
  • I have incontinence, or voluntarily/involuntarily release of bodily fluids of any kind.  

I understand that violation of any of these rules that results in contamination of the float tank water may result in a salt replacement fee of up to $1,000.